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Mon, Jan 21st 2019

Science Journal Nature Discovers Elaborate Fake Article Published

The journal, through careful investigation, uncovers a conspiracy to fake the results of a study demonstrating non-concensus in the scientific community about the causes and effects of global climate change.

By Arnold Gore

In one of the most elaborate conspiracies to date, a group of scientists all over the world attempted to sow dissent and spread misinformation through a peer-reviewed channel, the journal Nature, about the causes and effects of global warming, now called climate change. The 'meta-study' claimed to have gathered opinions from 85% of the scientific community, including all realms of peer-reviewed science--the largest sample to date, if it had been true. They claimed to have interviewed scientists from fields of Paleoclimatology, Trans-primate Behavioral Economics, Biological Market Economics, and Underwater Basketweavery. THe results apparently showed a weak consensus on the nature causes, and effects of human-caused climate change, upturning the established concensus that climate change is, indeed, caused by humans.

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