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Mon, Jan 21st 2019

President Trump Issues Apology to Native Americans Offended by Youth Protesters from Northern Kentucky Catholic School

The President attempts to disassociate with right-wing counter-protest during Indigenous People's March at Lincoln Memorial

By Jakob Mendoza

In a rare press event, President Trump has seemingly expressed sorrow and compassion to the Omaha Native American Tribe. In a viral video circulating social media, an Elder from the tribe is seen chanting and beating the drums to a healing song to diffuse a tense situation, when a youth from Covington Catholic presents him from continuing forward. The young man, identified as Nick Sandmann from Covington Catholic All Boys High School in Northern Kentucky, is seen with a smug smile, while classmates behind him jeer the Elder with chanting Trump 2020 and Make American Great Again. The group from Covington Catholic was attending a counter-protest during the Indigenous People's March at Lincoln Memorial. Nick Sandmann has issued a statement, which seems to mark each clichéd phrase attemping to make him appear to be the good guy, a similar tactic now Supreme Courte Justice Kavanaugh used with some success.

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